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Comment 1 Jayne, Thank you for the insightful post! I enjoyed how you first began by discussing the main goal of education, and the importance of understanding how people think and retain information in a classroom setting. I could not… Continue Reading →

Assignment 4 – Multimedia Project

Welcome to our Learning Object!  This object is meant to be accessed freely by learners or with the help of a facilitator. You will find all our original content within our Wellness Website which includes;  Infographics x 2 Prezi Powerpoint… Continue Reading →

Blog #7 – The Great Educational Technology Debate and End of ECDI 337 Class Wrap-up

Screen capture your score at the end of the Badnews game and explain your overall experience For our last blog post, I decided to play Badnews and elaborate on my overall experience. I found the game quite interesting as it… Continue Reading →

Blog #6 – Different Types of Assessment for Learners

What assessment ideas have peeked your interest? Throughout my university career, I have been exposed to numerous types of assessments and very interesting activities. I want to first start by explaining my experiences with formative and summative assessment. I have… Continue Reading →

Blog #5 – The Effects of Poorly Made Videos on Learners

For the longest time I have always recognized the importance of videos in the classroom setting. Videos allows learners to increase their cognitive processes and become more engaged in the material learning. Personally, I retain information much more easily after… Continue Reading →

Assignment #3 – Multimedia Skills

For this blog, I will discuss how I revamped my PowerPoint presentation from earlier in the term to satisfy multimedia learning principles. I will provide an explanation for each principle and include before and after screenshots. Subsequently, I will elaborate… Continue Reading →

Blog #3 – Multimedia Design For Learning

For this blog post, I will discuss the importance of these learning principles in both settings, classroom and face-to-face business meetings. In reading the prompt, I feel that it’s important to draw a distinction on how learning principles can be… Continue Reading →

Blog #2 – Creating Multimedia

Where do you see AR in future classrooms? This is a very interesting point of discussion, as it could be a norm in the coming years. Augmented Reality presents many benefits not only for students, but also teachers looking to… Continue Reading →

Blog #1 – Multimedia Learning

This blog post will discuss Dual Coding Theory and how it affects the creation of PowerPoint presentations. First, a little background knowledge on myself regarding PowerPoint. I find that when it comes to creating PowerPoints whether it be for school… Continue Reading →


My name is Omar El-Halabi, and it’s very nice to meet you! I was born in Calgary A.B Canada, and came to Victoria four years ago and been studying at University of Victoria ever since. I am currently in my… Continue Reading →

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